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Elliott Smith’s work is so important to me. Truly, his lyrics have turned my eyes inward on myself as well as inside of others. So many feelings he puts into his songs apply to my life, and I love him for being strong enough to share it all to the world. Seeing how movies like Good Will Hunting and Thumbsucker (great quality movies full of passion and soul) have chosen his songs for their entire soundtrack says something about him. As an artist, he did what so many people try to do: be honest in the most beautiful way possible. He did. And he helped me realize that my problems were not so strange or rare or shameful. He turned me onto writing when I was 14 and I am now 19, still writing every day and hope to turn that into something really helpful for other people. Seeing such pain turned into beauty changed me in a way that only makes me wish I could thank him. And I can’t, which is so sad, but I can only do my best to carry his ghost on through my work and to share his music with other people.

My bipolar disorder and my broken relationship with my family, mostly my mother, seemed so much easier to turn into art after discovering him. His music always reminds me to take the pain and turn it into something beautiful. And Elliott was so damn beautiful.

Thank you, Elliott, for all of the lives you’ve changed with your music. RIP.

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I can’t believe that it’s already this time of year again.

It’s going to be hard to not sound cliche, but I so sincerely and genuinely mean every word I will say.

I first discovered Elliott Smith’s music really by accident several autumns ago. I was hooked immediately. I acquired every last song of his that I could possibly find, watched and read every interview I could find, stayed up until 5 AM watching live videos, bought several books about him, joined message boards, etc. It was the most life-changing musical find I’ve ever had, and I don’t think I could possibly have another one so significant. 

Ever since then, Elliott’s music has consistently gotten me through the hardest times in my life as well as the everyday anxiety/depression. 

I always turn to him and he never lets me down. I only wish that I could return the favor somehow.

It’s surreal that he’s been gone for eight years now. I get such joy every time a new-old song of his is discovered and leaked. I only hope that we wil never run out of songs, or else it will really feel like he’s gone.

Even though I never know him personally, I feel like I miss him. As tragic as parts of his life were and how he left this world far too early, he brought wonderful things to so many people through his music and just by being himself.

Thank you for everything, Elliott. I love you.

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Today’s the day I realized that I could be loved
It echoed though the park last night
He wasn’t our son, he belonged to everyone
And this loss isn’t good enough for sorrow or inspiration
It’s such a loss for the good guys, afraid of this life
That it just is, because everybody dies

Ben Folds wrote this in memory of Elliott. I thought it was fitting.

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hi, im jonny

like a lot of people, i really love music. i often find myself saying, “i fucking love this band”. but i shouldnt, because it takes away the importance of those bands and singers i truly love. the ones who have impacted or changed my life, the ones who i identify unbelievably strongly with, the ones who helped me discover who i am, the ones who really make me feel. i own every beatles record. but i have to be painfully honest with myself, i dont love them. i dont own a single elliott smith recording. in all honesty, i only know a handful of his songs. and i can say with total certainty that i love him. i cant wait to uncover more and more of his work, and fall in love with his albums, one by one. 

i would like to share my story of how i first heard elliott smith. everyone had neglected to tell me that my ex who i still loved had recently got a new boyfriend. i spent the day hanging out with the both of them and in the evening, i found out the truth for myself, when i heard them making out right beside me. i forced myself not to look, i just put my hood up. it absolutely crushed me. that night i cried and cried and the next day, instead of going to school, i slept in till midday and went to the beach in the afternoon. the friend i hung out with at the beach is now my best friend, but at the time i had a seriously painful crush on her, and was shy and uncomfortable around her. we sat and talked till it got dark and cold. she shared her ipod with me on the bus trip home. it was dark and cold outside, but warm on the bus, and i was beginning to feel less insecure and more comfortable. i was happy. she playfully nudged me, and i pushed back. she nudged me again, and through my one headphone the opening guitar to “angeles” drifted into my brain. it was immediately arresting. i felt like i could see it in the air around us. his voice, shy but passionate, sang out lyrics, some i couldnt define, and others which stood out from the song and their seeming relevance stabbed me in the heart.

i noticed that it was distantly familiar to me. id heard it in a film id seen. so i asked who it was. “elliott smith,” she said. and i knew that out of the hundreds, maybe thousands of bus rides i will take in my life, this is one i will never forget.

thank you so much elliott smith for making my sad day into a beautiful one, a sad thought into a beautiful one, our sad minds and hearts into beautiful ones, and your sad life into a beautiful one.

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As usual on this day, I’d love it if you submitted stories, photos, or anything else you can think of today that I can post throughout the day in memory of Elliott. Personal things are best!


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August 6, 1969 - October 21, 2003Eight years without Elliott Smith is eight years too many.

August 6, 1969 - October 21, 2003
Eight years without Elliott Smith is eight years too many.

Elliott Smith - Easy Way Out

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